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FAQs Regarding Athletic Participation:
What does my child need to participate in athletics at Kalani? 

The DOE requires that your child have a current DOE Physical Examination for Athletes, a Parent Consent, Release and Assumption of Risk (CAR) Form (per sport), the Concussion Management Program Study Consent form, and Concussion Baseline Test (collision/contact sports) on file with our Athletic Trainers.
Where can I get the pre-participation forms listed above?
You can download these forms from the Kalani Athletic Website under the Files and Links-->Pre-participation forms tab at the top of the page.

Where can my child take the Concussion Baseline Test?
The athletic trainers will set up team baseline testing days for student-athletes participating in collision and contact sports. If your child cannot attend the scheduled time, they should contact the athletic trainers to make arrangements for make up testing. 
When are these forms due?

Pre-participation forms must be completed and on file with our Athletic Trainers prior to ANY participation in team activities.  This includes preseason training/conditioning, practices, and games/contests.  

Do I need to complete these requirements only once?

The Physical is good for one calendar year from the date of the exam.  The Consent, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form is required for EACH sport your child wishes to participate in and is good for that sport in that respective school year.  You cannot list multiple sports on one CAR Form.  The Concussion Baseline Test is good for two years, however, should your child sustain a concussion, they may be required to take a new Baseline Concussion Test after they have completed the Return to Play protocol (see Concussion Management Program for more information). 

Tip:  We recommend that you have your athletic physical completed during the summer so that it would be good for the entire school year.  If you know your child is going to play multiple sports then submit a CAR for each of those sports at one time.

My insurance only covers one physical per year upon my child’s birth date: 

a) Can my child participate until they can get an appointment?

b) Can the doctor’s office write a note that allows my child to participate until the physical appointment?

NO to both a and b.  The DOE mandates that a current athletic physical be on file with the school’s Athletic Trainer.  We are unable to deviate from this mandate.

Will not having a physical affect my child’s ability to be selected to a team?

Yes, if the tryout period takes place during the time your child does not have a current physical.  

Are there other alternatives to getting an Physical Examination for athletes?

There are a number of clinics available to get a Physical or a fee and many of them accept walk in appointments.  The closest one to Kalani is Kahala Urgent Care.  If parents opt to use one of these clinics please download and take a copy of the DOE Athletic Physical Form with you for the doctor to complete. Physicals must be completed by a Medical Doctor (MD). Forms signed by doctors other than an MD will not be accepted.

Once my child has completed the pre-participation forms, can they begin participating in athletics right away?

It depends.  The completed pre-participation forms with all appropriate signatures and information needs to be submitted to the Athletic Trainers for review.  If all forms are complete and on file with the athletic trainers, your child may be eligible to participate immediately. If your child is participating in a collision/contact sport, they will need to have Baseline Concussion Test.  If any pre-participation forms are incomplete or there is a notation on the completed Athletic Physical Form that is of concern to our Athletic Trainers then there is a possibility of a delay in your child’s participation.

My child is 18 years old do they need parental signatures on the Physical or CAR Forms?

As long as the student is 18 at the time of the submission of these forms then no parent signature is required.  Verification of age is required prior to the acceptance of these forms.

Does my child need medical insurance to participate in athletics?

No, BUT it is highly encouraged that you have medical insurance for your child in the event they should get injured while participating in athletics.

Are pre-participation forms required for summer practices?

If the team is conducting conditioning/practices during the summer then all forms are required before participation.

Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding the pre-participation forms?

You are welcome to contact either of our Athletic Trainers who will be able to assist you:

Ben Kuenzli-League, MS, ATC 808-305-0610
Marissa Sumida, MS, ATC 808-305-0610


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